General Programs


Why should women learn Pekiti-Tirsia-Kali? Well the truth is that being able to defend yourself against an assault, is an important skill. Do you want to take your chance rolling around on the floor with a male attacker for 5-8 minutes before help arrives from the police? With increasing crime rates against women, no woman should be dependant on the police or people surrounding them for their protection rather they should take control and know how to counter a weapon bearing attacker and escape from a potentially dangerous situation.

The self defense for women program incorporates training methods to build womens’ fighting spirit and to train them how to respond both mentally and physically in a time of need, eliminating the danger of “freezing” or “shutting down” upon confrontation. It’s our mission to increase mental and physical strength within our female students, ensuring that they leave class with the ability to combat potential danger.

We teach you to prevent a situation occuring or to avoid it by being aware. How to use safe and effective techniques. How to use ‘controlled’ aggression, develop your ability to strike (kick & punch properly) if needed and use techniques that work.


From the point of view of an individual living in the modern urban times where everyday news is filled with stories of horror, crime and danger on the streets, the issue of safety and security rattle the mental peace. This coupled, with the lack of time requires a quick, effective, efficient and easy to learn skill set which is flawlessly effective against a comprehensive range of attacks.

If you want to make those road trips, late night drives, long walks free of fear with the help of skills that will enable you protect yourself and your family then the Urban Survival Tactics is for you .The condensed program is well-researched and delivered in short time period through seminars ,workshops and group training, with focus on skills and real life situation simulations.

Our self-defense training provides tools and mental orientation to be aware of one’s surroundings and apply skills to evade or escape threatening situations by the ability to identify a potential threat and thwart the same by effective counter measures so as to avoid an untoward situation. In rare scenarios, when avoidance is not an option, the program guides and prepares you to deliver attack/counter-attack measures to engage and/or neutralize a threat. The counter-attack measures are effective against a comprehensive range of offences including holds, chokes, pushes, grabs, punches and other hand/arm strikes, knees/kicks, takedowns, ground attacks, multiple opponents, and weapons.

It’s our mission to increase mental and physical strength within our students, ensuring that they leave class with the ability to combat potential danger


Executive survival shield is a one on one crash course designed for individuals and small groups including public figures and VIPs. The techniques taught involve quick adaptation to surroundings and identifying weapons of opportunity to protect you from a weapon bearing assailant.

The Executive Survival Shield program is for individuals/small groups interested in private instruction/sessions for self-defense, and martial arts conditioning. One-on-one training ensures an undivided attention and development with a possibility of tailor making a customized curriculum designed for specific environmental needs to deliver the key expected outcomes at an affordable price tag.

Executive Survival Shield with Combat Kali will build your knowledge and skill at a steep rate, especially when it compliments group class attendance. We identify challenges with individuals and constantly focus on improvement of mental and physical conditioning.

Combat Kali offers single 1-hour sessions as well as blocks of 5 and 10hrs of training .


Classical KALI is a long term course with regular classes conducted weekly. Over time you will learn the techniques of Pekiti-Tirsia-Kali in totality.This system relies on extremely efficient and practical open hand strikes apart from the use of elbows, knees, angular kicks coupled with a dynamic footwork to deploy locks (submissions), chokes, joint manipulations and to put the opponent off balance. This is a tested system that has flawlessly thwarted all common empty hand attacks, including punches, kicks, locks, pushes, holds, grabs and any takedown attempt in a matter of seconds with least effort.

The ‘no shortcut’ approach to training will eventually enhance your awareness and self defence skills and build enormous amounts of confidence. Topics covered include focus on the following:

  • empty hands striking (Pangamut)
  • dynamic footwork to cover all ranges of attack
  • body conditioning
  • edged and impact weapons (knife, sticks & weapons of opportunity)
  • offense/counter offense techniques and methodology
  • extreme functional fitness